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  LOKASI :  Jakarta Barat

  AKTIVITAS :  29/03/2022


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24 / 07 / 2020
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10 Unit
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Rp. 190.000
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Rp. 190.000
PT. ELJE PERDANA jual box apar hose reel, jual selang pemadam kebakaran, jual fire extinguisher firend, dan safety equipment pemadam kebakaran lainnya. Kami juga jual Evacuation chair dan pompa punggung kebakaran hutan/Jet Shooter. Kami mengoptimalkan upaya penyelamatan jiwa manusia serta untuk menekan resiko yang mungkin terjadi.


FIREND MAGIC Scahet Pemadam Api kebakaran WAJAN, A revolutionary new approach to fire safety Fire extinguishers are the most important thing for every home safety, but do you know how to use one, especially in the shock state of an sudden fire. When is the last time you received training to use a fire extinguisher? Not too many people will know how to handle one. Even fewer could handle it under a real life conditions and very few will have an extinguisher at home. FIREND is proudly introducing amazing, yet simple Japanese fire extinguishing products that can be used by everyone including kids, elderly and even disabled with no training necessary. There is also no maintenance, no installation and no training associated costs with these products! People under pressure tend to make all of the possible mistakes and can make things even worse than they are. Therefore our concept is very simple - if you see a fire, throw the extinguisher at the source, escape and call for help! We sincerely hope you will never need to use our products, but if you are left trapped inside your house with blazes around you – we have no doubt our products will secure a safe escape route for you and your family. Lihat demo penggunaan nya di Youtube dibawah ini : http: / / yihgGcpY7Pw FIREND CPFE - Chip Pan Fire Extinguisher People are killed or injured every day in accidental fires that start in the kitchen, the most common of these are caused by deep fat frying. Unlike any other fires, oil fires are almost impossible to extinguish using conventional methods and many people are getting seriously injured while trying to do so. Chip Pan Fire Extinguisher ( CPFE) is a must for every home. It offers a completely safe and rapid way to put out a dangerous chip pan fires within 3 Seconds. Weighing only 128g or 4.5 oz and containing 80 ml. of non-hazardous liquid, even a young child can use it safely and effectively. A must have safety product to have at every home. Fire blankets can do the job if placed properly, but you have to get right above the fire. And if you miss or tip the pan over, you can spread the fire over the whole kitchen or even yourself! Powder extinguishers are dangerous, because the pressure can actually “ blow” the burning oil out of the pan + they do not stop the oil from re-igniting Not to mention the mess and damage the powder itself leaves behind! CPFE solves all of the above in 3 seconds! It can be used by anyone, is environmentally friendly and does no damage to the cookware or surroundings. Sachet Fire Extinguisher http: / / GBXQzC853-Y

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